• TCTP is affiliated to International Tamil Academy (ITA). Our policies are based off the academic policies laid out by ITA.
  • Our teacher and student curriculum documents, teacher trainings and other school administration related documentation are maintained under a secured login. Please contact school administration for access to your ITA Login.

Registration Officer Duties

  • Need to collect the Registration forms and Fees for each semester
  • Need to remind School Administration to send the reminder for the fees
  • File all the registration forms with the check number and invoice number and send a report to the School Administration Every quarter
  • Since the Bank needs certain amount all the time, once collect the fees the checks should be given to the treasurer as you collect it.
  • Need to fill in the School Administration who haven’t paid the fees three weeks after the semester started
  • End of the each semester when its time for the report card, needs to collect the copies of the report card from the teachers
  • Needs to check whether the teachers have given the report cards on time

Book Officer Duties

  • Book Sale
  • Maintaining the account for book sale
  • Every week the collections should be handed over to the treasurer
  • Update the School Administration with the accounts once in a month (If needed)

Attendance Officer Duties

  • Needs to maintain the attendance log and log it in the computer
  • Need to send the computer data to the School Administration every month