Our Objective

To foster Tamil Language, Arts & Culture in TwinCities area( in Minnesota ), by organizing and participating through a number of social events. To provide equal opportunities and a forum for the future generation Tamils to participate, learn and grow in the rich heritage of the Tamil Language and Culture. To foster harmony within the Tamil community and to share our diverse multi religious culture from Tamil Nadu with the TwinCities community in partnering with other non profit organizations.

Vision and Mission

  • To provide helpful resources, guidance to our community people moving to and living in TwinCities Area
  • To organize Tamilnadu cultural festivals for all age group people in TwinCities Area
  • To Foster Tamil language, arts and culture in TwinCities area
  • To develop the habit of speaking in Tamil to our future generations
  • To give back for the betterment of our community in our home land
  • Being a role model to other Tamil Associations & To share and partner our cultural richness to Non-Tamil people

Operational Philosophy

  • Transparency & Collective decision making as a team to promote Tamil culture and events
  • Helping others and make others happy & Involve everyone in our cultural, volunteer events
  • Arrange discount for Members – Grocery Shops , Musical classes, Yoga, Indian Dance and regional partner events
  • Bring out the hidden talents from all over the TwinCities, recognize them through competitions and shows
  • No worries if you are new to Minnesota. We will guide you for all Tamil/Minnesota sources
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